About The Toenail Fungus Laser Systems

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Dr. Uro is proud to offer the latest technologies in toenail fungus treatment. Let us help you get on your way to going barefoot again.

 Dr. Uro now uses the state-of-the-art Noveon NaiLaser!



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Toenail Fungus Laser Treatments Now Available in Sacramento

Dr. Michael Uro in the Foot Doctor Laser Clinic has been treating toenail fungus with laser technology for more than six years. Dr. Uro uses the Noveon NaiLaser laser system to treat the persistent problem of toenail fungus. The state-of-the-art Noveon NaiLaser laser system has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of toenail fungus. To view a video on why Dr. Uro uses the Noveon NaiLaser laser system to treat toenail fungus, click here

About the Noveon NaiLaser

The Noveon NaiLaser is a new laser system designed to safely and effectively treat toenail fungus by using light instead of heat. While most toenail fungus lasers use designs that can cause pain and may not kill the fungus, scientists have identified two laser wavelengths that are particularly effective at destroying fungus cells without producing high levels of heat. The Noveon NaiLaser uses both.

A computer program controls the operation of the Noveon NaiLaser. This increases treatment effectiveness and reduces the possibility of heat buildup. Instead of a handheld wand, the Noveon NaiLaser uses laser pathways connected to patient guards, treating up to four toes at a single time.

In 2010 physicians in 12 podiatric offices conducted a study of 199 toenail patients with a total of 687 infected toes. Patients were evaluated at 90-day intervals. At Day 180 (following treatment with the Noveon NaiLaser), 85% of the treated toenails showed clear linear nail improvement. At Day 270, 35% of these showed further improvement. Some patients have seen a ‘complete cure’. A higher percentage of patients attained a completely normal appearance, or ‘‘clinical cure’’ at day 270 than did at day 180. No patient participating in the study showed any adverse effects.

To learn even more about the Noveon NaiLaser read the The Noveon scientific studies.


About Lunula Laser

The Erchonia® Lunula Laser® is a revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from onychomycosis. Safe and effective, Lunula Laser is the first and only non-thermal laser to receive FDA 510(k) Market Clearance for Onychomycosis. Lunula Laser poses none of the risks and harmful side effects of oral anti-fungal medications and is painless, unlike other laser therapies.


The Erchonia Lunula Laser, uses low-level laser light to target onychomycosis and requires very little time or set-up for physicians or their staff. It’s the only system you can turn on and walk away – the device already has a pre-set protocol. In fact, as little as (4) 12-minute sessions are needed to treat the affected area.


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About the Cutera GenesisPlusTM Laser

Dr. Uro also uses the the GenesisPlus™ laser. By targeting the fungus, GenesisPlus™ gets to the source of the problem immediately. Tiny pulses of light from the GenesisPlus™ laser pass through the toenail to the fungus underneath. The fungus is irradiated without any damage to the surrounding nail or skin,

It generally takes 4 treatments using the GenesisPlus™ laser. Each treatment lasts from 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how many toes are treated. Most people feel a slight warming sensation during the procedure. No pain medication is needed and most people find the treatment very easy to tolerate.

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